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I found the Zerona experience to be extremely enjoyable. The treatments were a relaxing 40 minutes out of my busy schedule. After years of struggling with various diets this was the easiest weight I ever lost! The inches just melted away. It gave a real boost to my determination to stick to my current program. I would recommend it to anyone.

Susan B.

I was very impressed with the Lefebre and Burke Weight Loss & Laser Centre and the new Zerona Laser machine.

The treatments were very pleasant and relaxing and it felt great to feel the inches melt away.

All my clothes fit a lot better and it has made me more conscious of what I am eating & drinking.

Thank-you again.


In the past few months I have undergone two separate twelve session Zerona treatments. I was extremely pleased with the results that I achieved in both – having lost in excess of seven inches in the first session and more than five inches in the second.
The treatments were quick and painless and in fact were a good way for me to relax after or during a busy and active day while at the same time improving my overall health and quality of life.
All of the staff are well trained and dedicated professionals who were always extremely pleasant and helpful which resulted in making the Zerona experience that much more enjoyable – not to mention that all of my tighter jeans fit me much better.
I would highly recommend Zerona as a proven tool to aide and augment the goal of achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Lefebre and Burke Weight Loss & Laser Centre,
Gil and I would like to commend the Lefebre and Burke Weight Loss & Laser Centre for the latest treatment for weight loss. We had the exceptional opportunity to expereince laser treatment at the clinic. We were greeted by a professional and friendly staff. Dr. Burke and Dr. Lefebre were extremely knowledgeable about the program.
We were extemely pleased with our results. I managed to lose 9 and 1/2 inches; my husband 14 inches. These inches were in my waist, upper and lower abdomen as well as my thighs. My husband’s loss was mainly found in his waist and abdomen.
We both lost pounds by just following the zerona method.
This along with the renewed awareness of proper eating habits and exercise have brought about a new interest in maintaining our over all appreciation of great life style habits.
We encourage all of you to enroll in this very new and exciting provable inches and weight loss program.
M.A. and G. M.


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