Our Staff

    • Dr. Jackie Safran is a Family Physician who has been with the Lefebre Clinic since July of 1989 and continues to fill in one day a month for Dr. Burke and Dr. Lefebre. Dr. Safran continues to bring to the clinic her positive, cheerful personality which has certainly helped to motivate our patients over the years.
    • Judy began at the Lefebre Clinic in September of 1988 and continues to be our Office Manager. Her positive, cheerful, outgoing personality has been enjoyed by patients and staff alike for all these years.
    • Michelle began in 1995 while going to university. Over the years she has continued to work for us in the evenings and on weekends and as of March 2013 has taken on the role of office administrator.
    • Ilona began in January of 2009. Her friendly telephone voice and enthusiastic, cheerful smile at the front desk have been enjoyed by all of us.
    • Connie worked for us for many years since 1998 and came out of  her brief retirement in the fall of 2010. We welcome  Connie’s return(with all her energy and friendly  personality)  to our front desk.
    • Patricia began working with us in early 2012. Her positive nature and friendly demeanor have made her a great addition to our team.
    • Sylvia started with us in 2015. Her caring attitude and kind personality is a great asset to our office.
    • Diana began working with us in 2011 and continues to work in the office part time
    • Larissa is the the most recent welcome addition to our staff and began in March 2017
    • Tony-We would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Lefebre’s brother Tony, who has been his Business Manager since day one (March 2,1988).



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