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August 23rd, 2011 — 5:36am

What is Zerona? What is the cost? What is the action mechanism behind Zerona? What results can I expect? Can all patients benefit? What areas of the body can I treat? Once liberated, what happens to the fat? What happens to cholesterol and triglyceride levels post Zerona? Do you treat larger patients (BMI>30) differently than other patients? Is it safe? How deep does Zerona affect fat cells? What is the systemic effect? What is the Zerona guarantee? Where are measurements taken? When are measurements taken? When can patients start noticing results? How long will results last? Is the fat simply redistributed? Would treatments longer than 20 minutes for each area be more beneficial? Why does it not work as well on areas with previous liposuction? Why do you need to treat every 2 days? Why 9-12 treatments? Would more treatments lead to better results? Do patients lose weight? What can I do to optimize my Zerona results? Why […]

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