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Zerona Laser – Health Preparation Tips for the Best Results

January 6th, 2012 — 11:29am

Today more than ever before, more and more people are struggling with fat and obesity. Even after regular exercise and a healthy diet, many people struggle to get rid of inches from their body. This can be a very frustrating situation so some people consider painful and expensive cosmetic surgery as a solution.

Zerona laser is a wonderful solution for anyone wanting to lose stubborn fat in the most common problem areas like the tummy, waist, hips, thighs, flanks and back. In order to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of having surgical procedures for problem areas, there are the non-invasive Zerona laser treatments instead.

The following are simple steps for getting the best results from Zerona laser treatments:

Stay Hydrated

The most important thing to remember about Zerona laser treatments is to stay very well hydrated at all times. Since your cells will be stimulated to release stored fat and the body must then flush […]

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Zerona Laser – Most Common Questions Answered

January 6th, 2012 — 11:25am

Zerona laser is one of the most popular treatments available to help people shed fat from their bodies quickly with results unlike any other. From top celebrities in Hollywood to everyday people looking to slim problematic parts of their bodies, there are many certified Zerona laser clinics in North America and several worldwide.  With the popularity of this device rising each year, soon it will be available in all major cities.

To find out more about this remarkable body slimming treatment, check out the most common questions that are asked:

How Does Zerona Laser Work?

Zerona uses low level (cold) laser technology that can easily target problem areas from outside the body. These lasers disrupt the stubborn fat cells that are store excess fat in the body, forcing the fat to be released and naturally expelled by the body.

When was Zerona Introduced to North America?

Zerona aesthetic laser treatments were introduced in 2009 after […]

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Zerona Laser for body shaping and weight loss

November 23rd, 2011 — 1:40pm

There are many different ways to tone your body and lose weight, but with so many products and services available in the market today, it can get very difficult to choose the best ones for both your body and your health.

While there are literally hundreds of thousands specialized weight and body sculpting services available in cities like Los Angeles, there may be more limited choices in other cities like Calgary.

That’s why the arrival of the Zerona Laser in Calgary is creating such a big stir. The Zerona Laser is world class treatment that has been featured on the popular TV programs Dr. Oz and the Doctors, and gets results rivalling those of the treatments found in LA or other metropolises.

How do Zerona Laser Treatments Work?

Adipocytes are the cells that store body fat. Many people have a hard time getting rid of stubborn fat pockets, especially in areas like the abdomen, sides, […]

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The Zerona Laser Guide

November 23rd, 2011 — 1:35pm

The Zerona Laser Guide

Calgary doesn’t usually jump into mind as having some of the best health clinics to offer revolutionary new treatments but we definitely have some highly regarded professionals who know what they’re doing and certainly do it well.

The Zerona laser  is one of the newest body slimming treatments available to the public, to help them achieve the trim and toned body they have always dreamed of. Other body slimming treatments may require incisions or cause pain and damage to the body. Zerona laser professionals in Calgary are medically trained and perfectly certified to offer this safe treatment to anyone for the best results.

What is Zerona Laser?

Zerona laser is a revolutionary new type of technology that promotes the release of excess fat stored in the body. This is especially effective for those stubborn areas that are very difficult, areas like the stomach, love handles, hips and thighs. Combined with a […]

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5 Reasons to Try Zerona Laser Therapy to Slim and Contour the Body

November 23rd, 2011 — 1:31pm

You may have heard of the popular new treatment called Zerona Laser now available in Calgary.

Zerona laser is known as the first and only proven cold laser method that can help you slim the body and dramatically reduce inches of fat in a safe and natural way.

This treatment option is an extremely effective way to get the body to naturally get rid of that extra fat that’s stored away in problem areas that are difficult to slim-no matter how much you exercise.

You can easily find Zerona laser providers by checking with medical weight loss professionals in Calgary.  To find out why Zerona laser is so popular with residents of Calgary, consider the following benefits:


The use of Zerona laser in Calgary is FDA and Health Canada approved, making it safe and effective for people to use in order to eliminate fat stored in the body. The treatment is done by professionals […]

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Zerona Protocol

August 23rd, 2011 — 5:36am

Welcome to ZERONA® – the safe, new body slimming, low-level laser proven to remove fat and reduce inches without invasive surgery. There are no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time needed. ZERONA works by creating a transitory pore in the cell membrane, causing fat cells to release their content (fat) into the interstitial space. The excess fat is then passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification and you lose inches.

Your Treatments, Step-by-Step

ZERONA is six to twelve treatment sessions, administered over a two to four-week period of time. For added results, discuss additional ZERONA treatments with your physician. ZERONA is a low-level laser that does not produce heat. It is completely non-invasive, and has never shown any recorded side effects. During the procedure, patients generally feel nothing.

Before your first treatment and after your last, your measurements will be taken and recorded. Try on your tight jeans, shorts, or skirt at the start […]

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August 23rd, 2011 — 5:36am

What is Zerona? What is the cost? What is the action mechanism behind Zerona? What results can I expect? Can all patients benefit? What areas of the body can I treat? Once liberated, what happens to the fat? What happens to cholesterol and triglyceride levels post Zerona? Do you treat larger patients (BMI>30) differently than other patients? Is it safe? How deep does Zerona affect fat cells? What is the systemic effect? What is the Zerona guarantee? Where are measurements taken? When are measurements taken? When can patients start noticing results? How long will results last? Is the fat simply redistributed? Would treatments longer than 20 minutes for each area be more beneficial? Why does it not work as well on areas with previous liposuction? Why do you need to treat every 2 days? Why 9-12 treatments? Would more treatments lead to better results? Do patients lose weight? What can I do to optimize my Zerona results? Why […]

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What is Zerona?

August 23rd, 2011 — 5:35am

ZERONA is a new body slimming treatment designed to remove fat and reduce inches with ZERO pain, ZERO surgery and ZERO downtime. ZERONA allows the patient to continue daily activity without interruption. *Results may vary

How ZERONA Works

ZERONA works by using Erchonia’s patented and clinically-proven body slimming technology. This treatment emulsifies the adipose (fat) tissue which is then released into the interstitial space. The excess fat is passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification. The ZERONA procedure was proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site, and placebo-controlled study in which patients, on average, lost 3.64 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs. This result is dramatic compared to the placebo group, which only lost an average of half an inch. *Results may vary

Healthy adipose cells Fat droplets seeping across adipose cell membrane Complete collapse of adipose cell-emulsification

The remarkable images above demonstrate the low-level laser’s ability to emulsify adipose (fat) tissue. The pictures […]

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ZERONA now available at Lefebre Clinic!

August 19th, 2011 — 9:30pm

Zerona now available at Lefebre Clinic!  Updates coming soon.  Please check back.

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